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Customer service and superior craftsmanship is our top priority. Tim Doyle, has been providing quality renovation and remodeling services to homeowners in Western Mass for over 25 years. Tim has developed an exceptional reputation and his customers know they can count on him for excellent service. With many referrals available, Doyle Home Improvement is the obvious choice for your next home improvement project.

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Whether you have an unfinished or outdated basement, remodeling with Doyle Home Improvement can make your basement attractive and more comfortable.

Our services focus on both form and function. This means that we tend to the aesthetic aspects of remodeling while also addressing the functional needs of the room. We can add a bathroom, closets, bookshelves, game room or media center.

Basement windows can open up dark areas, bring up energy efficiency and generally change the look of an otherwise closed room.

Basement remodeling can be an excellent investment. It can boost the overall value of your home, thus saving you money in the long run. It can increase your living space, provide a great play area for the kids or be transformed into a “woman’s or man’s cave”!